In 1994, I was so happy to get a copy of NHL 95. The game looked great, played great, and was a real center piece for my Genesis sports game collection. This was the first year that you could actually make yourself a player. Unfortunately, like most games back then, us with longer names were tyrannized, and Chris (not Christian) Lander, suited up wearing #12 for the Maple Leafs. I was having a great season, breaking all kinds of records. I was going to top Gretzky, and lead the Leafs to the Cup. Then, in March of that year, I was playing a nothing game against the Islanders. This was the year they had changed to the Captain Highliner look, and I played without fear. Then during the second period, Zdeno Ciger (who had been traded by the computer to another computer team) took me out, center ice. I lay there, on the ice, my season was over.


Zdeno Ciger immediately went to the top of my list of most hated hockey players. I was doing the full 81 game NHL season and all of a sudden, it didn’t matter any more. It wasn’t me that would be playing. It was the first time I, in virtual form, had been injured. It was heart breaking. I never finished the season, too depressed to continue. I started a new season, with NO made up characters.


Zdeno Ciger, #1 on my most hated list.



The rest of the players I ended up hating were for the obvious reasons – outrageous domination that was undeserved.


Valeri Kamenski, Quebec Nordiques (NHLPA 1993, SNES) – simply unstoppable, especially when controlled by Matt Tanner. The guy could score on every wrap around or slapshot. Incredible.



Rod Woodson, Pittsburgh Steelers, DB (Tecmo Super Bowl, SNES) – lets see, intercepts every pass? Yep. Returns punts for TDs? Yep. Causes Fumbles? Yep. I hated this guy. He was incredible, I mean Barry Sanders was good, but not as hateable as Woodson in this game.



Kirk Maltby, Detroit Redwings (NHL ’98, PSone) – another legend on the ice. Completely dominated scoring, fighting, checking. An absolute superstar. Killed me in this game. When Claude Lemiuex smoked him, I was happy, the jerk got what was coming.



Frank Wycheck, Tennessee Titans, Madden 2001. To say he was good would be an understatement There is a play in the game that can only be stopped by picking a double TE defense and then physically covering Wychek yourself. Or slapping the controller out of the hands of your opponent. Anthony “Schiavone” Muir, used this play to death in Madden 2001, although it failed him before he could meet me in the championship round of the McGill Madden Tournament held at Gerts Pub.

Matt Santangelo, PG, Gonzaga, March Madness 2000 (PSone). March Madness 2000 was by far the most underrated basketball game of all time. In this iteration, Gonzaga was blessed with particularly strong shooters, and Santangelo was the best of the best. He even beat me with 0.7 seconds left on the clock when most players take 0.8 to pull it off. I will always hate him, and cheer against him.


Through the years I’ve cursed other athletes, mostly fast quarterbacks, defensemen with strong slapshots, and outside shooters. But none will compare to this list.