So, after five seasons with Arizona, including two national titles, a few bowl wins, a bowl loss, and a 29 game winning streak. It might be time to start considering a new squad. Here are the teams that I’m thinking about using and starting all over again (2006 season):

1. SMU – The only team to ever be so corrupt that the NCAA disbanded the program for a year. Kind of hard not to love that corruption, and they used to be good (kind of) in the early 80s. I know Craig James went there, and I used to hate Craig James, until Doug Flutie joined the ABC team.

2. Ohio State – Yeah, I know, it would be too easy to win. But I’m a big Buckeye fan, and technically a part of Buckeye nation (through marriage, not by choice, though I like OSU anyway).

3. Marshall – “We are Marshall” stars Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox and comes out in December, and the trailer almost made me cry. Also, Marshall was a Top 10 team once, and maybe I can bring them back. Plus it would be a bigger challenge.

4. Alabama – one of my first dynasty teams, and part of the legendary late 90s run in NCAA 99 against Schiavone. Matt Stokes (a recruited QB) is still the greatest college QB of all time.

5. Indiana – I went there, and they suck. Maybe I can help…although, they really stink and wouldn’t be that fun. Also, I couldn’t recruit effectively or ethically, knowing that they would be coming to Bloomington to have to watch basketball players grab all the honeys.

6. Nebraska – I played a whole bunch of dynasties with the Huskers when they were good. Tommie Frazier, Scott Frost, Eric Crouch, they were awesome, and they ran the option. Which was always fun. I used to use this team in the old College Football USA days, and I wouldn’t mind taking over, and turning them back into an option team. Although, I love passing so much, it’ll be hard, but it could be good for me.

7. Florida – Also used to play a lot of dynasties with this team, mostly in the College Football USA 97 and NCAA 98 days. Mainly my fascination with this team came from one man, Steve Spurrier, a straight up legend. Yeah, he’s a good coach, but he’s a legendary asshole, and that’s why he’s a hero. Also, he opens it up and has a sick passing offense. But that would mean getting rid of Urban Meyer’s stupid spread option offense. Still…recruit me another bachelor QB from Nepean, ON and I’d be set.

But, in the end it’s so hard to walk away from the Wildcats. I built this team, I recruited Selmon, I recruited Dane Wright, I built a team with no player (except Tyler Lyons) under 70. It’s so hard to walk away, it’s like adopting a puppy and then letting it free when it’s 2. So we’ll see, I’ve said that when the streak ends, I’ll put the dynasty to sleep. But man, it’s tough. Here are the reasons why I can’t leave:

1. Can Marcel Nakfoor win 4 straight Grozas?

2. Can Justin Abdullah win the Heisman?

3. Will Dane Wright break all QB records?

4. Can Arizona 3 Peat?

So many questions…Bear Down…