TUCSON, AZ – Coach Stoops has named Josh Selmon as the starter for the upcoming season.  In spite of a great spring, and a ridiculous amount of hype, Dane Wright will be the #2 QB this year, albeit with some perks.

Justin Abdullah HypeWright will play all goalline formations, 3rd and longs, and as soon as AZ goes up by 3 TDs.   It will be an interesting season as Dane Wright will NOT be on the bench for all four years.  He is a superstar, Selmon may only have one more year as a starter.  Wright’s hype is so big that Selmon’s RECORD breaking season last year, AND a national title are not enough to secure his job.

Superstar WR, Justin Abdullah (pictured) has said that he supports Wright because Selmon is white.  “Hey, at least I’m honest,” says Abdullah. “Dane Wright is the man, watch him in practice.  But, you can have a monkey, a nun, a machine throwing the ball.  I’m gonna catch it and take it for six.  I just want us to win, kind of.  I mean, if I don’t win the Heisman this year, what was the point?”