iowacover.jpgTUCSON, AZ – Arizona beats Iowa on Heisman. The game was pretty close (if you want me to the whole thing, just ask)…but the ridiculous controversial players (Dane Wright/Josh Selmon) brought it again.

Also, it looks like there is a big running back battle emerging too with Derke Robinson fighting redshirt Freshman (and spring offensive star) Joel Little for carries. Little has been nothing short of electric (see R. Bush impression against NAU), but Robinson is a 97…a 97!!! But Abdullah is getting all the hype, look at all this media coverage! Dane Wright needs a cover ASAP.

abdullah-cover.jpgAlso I’m getting insanely into this season. Not even so much about the games as I am excited about having a project to force me into learning After Effects and Premiere. When I actually get a video camera, I can start some serious work on doing this correctly.