So after switching my sliders up to Heisman (with a few tweaks), I noticed that the Indiana game was a little tougher than expected (that is to say that I didn’t hang 60+ on the Hoosiers).  So when I saw that I would be kicking off the Pac Ten season against #3 USC, I was worried.  Very worried, in fact, I had almost resigned myself to losing.

The game started with Josh Selmon looking like the Heisman candidate that he is; standing tall in the pocket, firing passes to multiple receivers, and making the right audibles at the line.  Derke Robinson was having a great game on the ground, and the defense was holding strong.  Forcing an early turnover and giving Arizona a 14 point lead.  But USC’s running back’s CJ Gable and (CHECK) Johnson were absolutely  incredible.   They tore through my defense, breaking tackles, and embarassing All American Rick Spicer on a few big third downs.

The game was completely back and forth until the fourth quarter.  Arizona was trailing to start, and I was pretty sure that the 33 game winning streak was going to end.  But Josh Selmon does not lose.  He hasn’t lost a single game since he’s been at Arizona (as a true freshman, as a redshirt freshman, and now as a sophmore) he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose.  So he put the team on his back, and started rushing for 1st downs, hitting Justin Abdullah with long passes.

Now, Abdullah’s performance in the 4th quarter cannot be understated.  He was dropping balls earlier, not getting good separation, and running a bad route that led directly to a USC pick.  But when the fourth quarter came around, and Arizona was down, Justin Abdullah stepped it up.  He ended up with 175 yards and 3 TDs.

But Selmon was the real story.  He brought Arizona back from a two score deficit.  With a 4 point lead Arizona held the USC offense, they punted back to the ‘Cats with a little over two minutes left.  Derke Robinson kept rushing for first downs.  When they reached the fifty, Robinson could not get a first down and the team faced a 3rd and five.  Going on the advice of College Football insider Myles Valentin, Dane Wright was subbed in with a 3rd down shotgun.  He took the snap and rolled to his right, he saw there were no lanes for him to rush, so he cut back across the field, found an open Josh Bulman, and got the first down.  From there, Robinson rushed a few more times and the clock kept ticking.  With 50 seconds left, Josh Selmon handed off to super freshman Joel Little, who ran to his left and fumbled…it was picked up by USC’s #95 (NAME) who ran it all the way back for a TD…Arizona down by 4.

The ensuing kickoff was an average return, and Josh Selmon faced 80 yards, 35 seconds, and three time outs.  Immediately he went to work, hitting Abdullah and Ealy for long passes getting the ball down to the USC 5 with six seconds left.  He threw a quick pass to Greg Brock, who could not hold on.  Arizona had 2 seconds left and needed a touchdown to win.  Coach Stoops made the tough choice to put Dane Wright back into the game.  Here he was, a redshirt freshman playing before a full house, with the #3 team in the nation across from him.  Arizona’s 33 game winning streak, their national championship hopes, and the USC rivalry all on his shoulders.

He took the snap, rolled to his left, looked for open recievers, found none, and scrambled towards the endzone.  The defenders collapsed on him, and he had a tiny window to squeeze into.  But he did.

Wright found his way into the end zone and won what EA had graded as the #3 greatest game of all time.

Watch the video for evidence: