So my man Myles over at Stolen Bike Dynasty already posted on this, but I just had to share the link. So it looks like two guys were up late playing NCAA Football, Auburn v. Tennessee, and one guy decided to quit before the game was over (a punk move). His buddy took offense and shanked him with a 12 inch butcher knife.  He got stabbed here, but what else are you gonna do here? Make Meth?
The best part of the story is as follows:

The sheriff said he didn’t know for sure which man was the Volunteers or Tigers. “But I can only assume Wilson was on the losing end,” Blakely said. “The screen was still on when we got there with the score up. It showed Tennessee winning.”

Here is why I love that quote so much:

#1 It shows the reporter asked who was winning

#2 The Sheriff was curious about who was winning

#3 It almost justifies the stabbing.

If I could stab the Xbox after last night’s loss to Washington, I would. But at least the CPU finished the game. If it had said “that’s it, let’s finish this tomorrow” and went to bed in the 4th quarter, I would have been pissed. Next time I play Myles, I’m getting one of these stab protectors.

I wonder if anyone got stabbed here:

Pac Man Jones is officially my hero, Myles’s too. I’m glad to see there is a dress code, although it seems like it’s only a no t-shirt policy since you are allowed to have jeans and running shoes. I guess sandals and shorts are out. But I also want to know how the money snows, I mean, he’s in the NFL, you think he would have the money raining…snow moves I think he has some self confidence issues that need to be addressed…

Also, where are the ghosts? are they not invited? that makes sense, but the girl in the picture should at least have a cherry necklace although a pretzel would be hotter.