kings_5436.jpgSo most of this post has been spurred on by Stolen Bike Dynasty’s post on the LA Kings. At this point in my life, SBD holds a higher place of importance than or, at least in terms of spurring me on to write.

So, like Myles, I am supporting the LA Kings in their bid to lose to the Leafs in the Stanley Cup. After watching an amazing game at the Staples Center, I was sold that the Kings would be my LA team. I have always loved the Dodgers, even elevating them to #2 on my list (after the Expos moved), but they play baseball. And I only really have the time or interest to follow the Blue Jays. I can’t cheer for the Lakers or Clippers, because basketball is dumb, I could cheer for our NFL team, errr, maybe not until Al Davis dies. And I would rather cut myself than cheer for USC, UCLA, The Ducks or The Angels. So Kings it is! I watched the game against the Ducks last night, and it was awesome. I’m totally sold, I’m going to be forcing Jess to watch a lot of hockey this year.

But now my attention shifts to the Leafs. Myles and I had a discussion about the Leafs. I love them, absolutely love them, care about them, follow them, go nuts for them in the playoffs. But the Jays are, and always will be my favorite franchise because of my childhood and the 92/93 seasons. wellwood_79556.jpgBut the Leafs have a weird place in the hearts of all people from Toronto. While most people of my generation will profess an undying loyalty to the Leafs, they will struggle to call them their favorite team. Probably because we can’t afford to get Leafs tickets, while we’ve all seen Leafs and Raptors games fairly regularly. The Leafs are a weird franchise that ties Toronto together (young and old, Fob and White, man and woman), but at the same time, they represent an era in Canadian history that none of us were a part of, specifically the era of an all white Canada with intense ties to the UK. Though the Leafs have gone more international with players from Sweden, the US, and Russia, they are still made up of a lot of kids from Ontario. They are our local team, while the Raptors and Jays are our international teams. It’s complicated to say the least, but I love the Leafs, I would rather see them win a Cup than a Jays World Series or a Raptors NBA Title (great name). Go Leafs.
Finally, I’ve made a logo for my After Effects projects/Arizona highlights. My goal was to make something that looks like a sweet late 1980s/early 1990s sports channel. I would really appreciate comments on how you think it looks, what would be better, and tips for importing it from Illustrator into Premiere and After Effects without losing any quality