A short post today. So Google bought Youtube for $1.6 billion in a stock swap. Normally I would say that youtube is a bad investment – huge bandwidth, bad advertiser incorporation, not enough premium services. But the more I think about it, $1.6 billion isn’t bad. Bandwidth costs will drop, storage costs will drop, but the name recognition and centrality of youtube won’t. Yes, MSN’s new system is nice, but it’s not youtube. But people forget that youtube is a videoplayer site where the controls are not physical (like a VCR), they are completely software based, and you don’t have to be a genius coder to learn how to stop people from skipping commercials on premium content. Smart move Google.

Since I felt a twinge of Indiana nostalgia, I had to post this after I found on youtube

the GREATEST rapper ever.

RPT Sports will not be affected by the merger, and I will move the logo to the top right now, and work on making better pregame graphics.

Also a picture that I took made my favorite Videogame Blog