So, after tweaking some sliders I think I’ve finally found the right level.  I’ll post the tweaks later.  To define what a good sliders are, I think it’s important to consider what users want.

#1 You should be able to win games against easy opponents, easily.

#2 You should be challenged against tough opponents

#3 You should be likely to lose against better ranked teams

So I have been working on RPT Sports graphics, they look sooooo much better on Illustrator than in Premiere.  and I’m also trying to figure out what backgrounds will look best against video footage.


Recruiting– Arizona has really really been struggling to pull in early commits.  Thanks to an abundance at all positions except OL has made top recruits less likely to come to Arizona where they will almost certainly redshirt.  It’s been strange, considering the past few years have been senior heavy, and as such easy to recruit the top players.


Against, OSU Arizona had almost no problems, easily cruised to a 63-40 victory, a pure Pac Ten battle.  Joel Little and Derke Robinson both went over 110 yards in the same game.  Selmon looked great and Dane Wright really struggled, which has led to some discussion about where Dane is headed.

Someone gave this 1 star already, it’s barely been posted for an hour.  Man that’s harsh.