Arizona Daily Wildcat:  So, Dane, how has your second year in Tucson been?

 Dane Wright:  Man, it’s been f*cked up. I’ve been playing maybe 10 snaps a game. They only use me on third downs, goal line and fourth quarter blowouts. They trying to punk me.

ADW: You think you should be starting?

DW: Hell yeah, look at me? I’m the franchise!

ADW: Josh Selmon has every passing record in Arizona School history, he has two national titles?

DW: So? They used to not let black people into this school! Times change.

ADW: I don’t think Arizona was ever officially segregated…

DW: Whatever, times change, and it’s ridiculous to make me wait another year, I should be in the NFL by now.

ADW: But you’ve never started a game.

DW: F*ck you, what you know about it? You’re a writer for this weak ass paper, you can’t play football.

ADW: I never said I could play football.

DW: That’s right, so you’re jealous, and you love Josh because he’s such a great guy, whitebread, All-American…

ADW: He’s a first team All-American

DW: F*ck that, I’m First Team All-African-American…the only team that matters.

ADW: Ah, ok, so, how did it feel to win the national title last year?

DW: I was on the f*cking bench, how the hell do you think it felt? I was redshirting, so who cares? If I’m not playing, it’s not worth a damn thing.

ADW: um, alright. So did you have any heroes growing up?

DW: Hell yeah, Michael Irvin, Marcus Vick, Lawrence Phillips, Maurice Clarett, Rae Carruth, Koren Robinson, and Todd Sauerbrun.

ADW: The punter?

DW: What? I can’t like a punter? He was sick, and f*ck you for your racial stereotypes.

ADW: What classes are you taking this semester?

DW: How the hell am I supposed to know? Ask my tutor.

ADW: We’ll just cut that out of the interview.

DW: You might also want to cut out this big ass diamond ring, and that Mercedez out front. I earned those from my summer job at Los Betos.

ADW: Yeah, we’ll cut that out.

DW: That’s right bitch.

ADW: So what are your goals with the rest of the season?

DW: Well, number one is become the starter. Number two is be the man. Number three is hit it with every chick in the Kappa Kappa Gamma House in the same night.

ADW: Lofty goals.

DW: Sorry man, I apologize, not all of us hit up IBT [eds note: the biggest gay bar in Tucson]

ADW: When the footage leaked earlier in the year on youtube of practice footage of you and Selmon how did you feel about that?

DW: Let me be serious for a minute here. The outpouring of support from my people touched me. But some suckas sold me out. Myles Valentin at Stolen Bike Dynasty supported me, but then backed Josh! That’s messed up. Did you see the footage?

ADW: Of course.

DW: And I ran those practices, they couldn’t handle my speed, my gun, my mentality. Who do you think should have started?

ADW: Well, like I said before, Josh has two national title—

At this point in the interview, Dane Wright flipped over the table, launched into an expletive laced tirade. Called a girl on his cellphone who picked him up within four minutes and they drove off into the Tucson night.