ESPN got a chance to sit down with 2 time national champ and potential first round draft pick, Josh Selmon. The Arizona QB has watched his team drop down to #10 after a heartbreaking loss to Washington. He can still win a record 3rd straight Pac Ten title, but a recent interview with backup QB Dane Wright in the Arizona Daily Wildcat has sparked controversy.

ESPN: So Josh, right off the bat, how did you react to the interview?

Josh Selmon: Which interview?

ESPN: The one in the Daily Wildcat? With Dane Wright?

JS: Oh yeah, that one. I thought maybe Kenny Chesney had said he was working on a new album.

ESPN: Dane Wright said some pretty strong things about why he should be the starter, how do you feel about that?

JS: Well, that’s just Dane, it doesn’t bother me. He’s a good guy, he’s young, and he’s got that fire. I like him.

ESPN: He pretty much said he hated you.

JS: Come on, you’re putting words in his mouth. Is that what you want to be doing when Jesus comes back?

ESPN: Do you think that he’s going to divide the team?

JS: Nah, this team gets along just fine. We’re just focusing on winning the Pac Ten, getting to the Rose Bowl. We don’t worry about interviews, I’ve heard a lot worse things said from my girlfriends mouth when she talks about girls she doesn’t like.

ESPN: Do you think this is a race thing?

JS: God made us all, I don’t see race.

ESPN: Well, our researcher found that your parents have been fighting redistricting in Texas to keep black and latino kids out of the school district you grew up in…

JS: What is happening there is–

ESPN: And they’ve been fighting to keep African Americans from joining their exclusive country club.

JS: That’s not about race, that’s about golfing ability.

ESPN: And they lynched a guy in the sixties.

JS: That was an April Fools Day joke.

ESPN: He died.

JS: Of natural causes.

ESPN: He was beaten to death.

JS: The sticks were from nature.

ESPN: So you justify your parents actions?

JS: Honor thy mother and father, I have to. I won’t say anything bad against my kin. But I do not believe in prejudice.

ESPN: Are you leaving for the NFL after this year?

JS: I’ve got to finish my degree in Marketing first. Grandma always said, ‘stay in school, read your bible.’

ESPN: Actually, isn’t that a story that AD Christian Lander tells about the time he met Mr. T?

JS: Oh yeah, that was Mr. T. Mr. Lander always tells that story about how when he was a kid, Mr. T was filming a show called T’nT at the end of his street. He went down there, and met Mr. T who was wearing a suit, with gold chains. Then Mr. T said “stay in school, read your bible.”

ESPN: That’s nice.

JS: Motivation. That’s the real key here.

ESPN: Josh, what happened in the Washington Game?

JS: I lost the game. It was my fault. I didn’t lead the team the way I should have, I didn’t play hard enough. That was my loss.

ESPN: Josh, do you think you deserve to be in the Heisman race?

JS: Are you kidding me? Justin is the best reciever I’ve ever seen, I hope he wins it. The only award you’ll find me complain about is Marcel Nakfoor not being a Groza finalist.

ESPN: But he already has 2.

JS: It don’t matter, how you gonna be the best as a Sophmore, but not a junior. It aint’ right.

ESPN: Do you have any goals left to achieve?

JS: I want to meet Shania Twain, visit the troops in Iraq, and get my degree. Now, I’m awfully sorry, but I’m being called away. God bless.

At this point in the interview, some children from his bible group arrive to be taken to a soup kitchen. Josh Selmon piles into his 1984 pickup truck, and heads off into the Tucsom Morning.