(Taken with permission from Al-Jazeera.com)

As part of our ongoing series “Get to know your Muslim Athletes,” we profile University of Arizona WR Justin Abdullah, who has rewritten the Arizona record book and found himself in the Heisman race for the second time. Although last year he was robbed of the Heisman by the Christian selection committee.abdullahfakeheismancover.jpg

Al-Jazeera: Assalam alaikum

Justin Abdullah: Asalaka Salam

AJ: Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with us.

JA: It’s no problem, actually I don’t get many requests for interviews anymore.

AJ: Why not?

JA: I only talk to black reporters.

AJ: What about Stephen A Smith?

JA: Smart, Black Reporters.

AJ: Good point. Now, how did you feel about not winning the Heisman last year?

JA: I’ll be honest, I was upset. I set every record, won a national title, and was definitely the most dominant player at my position. But that Texas guy worked hard too, maybe he was more valuable to his team. I think perhaps since Josh had such a great year, we might have split votes. And, I was only a sophmore.

AJ: Damn White Man, keeping us down.

JA: It’s not his fault, he’s a good guy. It’s just the system.

AJ: But aren’t you upset you didn’t win the award, to be a part of history?

JA: I have a bigger reward waiting for me, 40 virgins and eternal happiness my brother.

AJ: That’s what I’m talking about. How has it been living in Tucson.

JA: I’ve been very well accepted by the Muslim Students Association, although we’ve had some run ins with the Born Again Christians, and some frat guys who called us terrorists.

AJ: How did you react?

JA: Turned the other cheek. Then charged them with a hate crime.

AJ: What happened to them?

JA: University of Bridgeport! The Worst college in America! Only school that would accept them, and three of them lost their trust funds, and their parents felt so bad they donated it to the Muslim Student’s association.

AJ: Is that what paid for your Escalade?

JA: Uh, yeah.

AJ: About that car…

JA: Next question.

AJ: I noticed that there were three white girls with fake boobs in your car.

JA: Next question.

AJ: I also noticed that there were beer cans in the trunk…

JA: Those white bitches is crazy.

AJ: About that..

JA: Ask me about football, ok? I’m trying to hold onto my rep here.

AJ: What would you say about that catch you made against WSU?

JA: Honestly. It was the best catch I’ve ever made in my life. It will be hard for anyone short of Tyrone Prothro, or Joel Thompson to top it.

AJ: What are your goals?

JA: #1 Overall Draft pick, build a mosque with my helmet on on the golden dome. Get married, fifteen kids.

AJ: What is your favorite color?

JA: Black.

AJ: Who do you think should be starting, Josh Selmon or Dane Wright?

JA: Like I’ve said before – A donkey can throw the ball and I’ll catch it. Josh has skills, but Dane’s black, so I’m torn. But both are Christian, I tried to get a Muslim QB here, but they are harder to find than you would think. And…get this shit, I’m not allowed to recruit or give scholarships.

AJ: Racism.

JA: Damn right.

AJ: Who are your favorite musical artists?

JA: Young Joc, Dem Franchise Boyz, Khia, 69 Boyz, The Game, Bootleg, Bone Thugs and Harmony, and Tim McGraw.

AJ: Tim McGraw?

JA: He’s got jams.

AJ: True that. What’s your favorite food?

JA: Ribs man.

AJ: Ribs? that’s pork.

JA: Vegan ribs.

AJ: Nice.