abdullahtd.jpgPasadena, CA – Arizona beat Oklahoma 35-28 in a game where the Wildcats simply outclasssed the Sooners, who were not ready, despite their superior #10 ranking.pactenchamps.jpg

Derke Robinson did well in his NFL audition, almost 172 yards and 2 TDs. Abdullah pulled down 2 TDs of his own, including perhaps the best catch of his career (click picture for full res glory). The game was solid, and the Wildcats looked great.

Some final bits of information:

* Marcel Nakfoor, who did not win the Groza, was named 1st team all American.

*Justin Abdullah was a 1st Team All American

*Josh Powell made 1st Team as a Returner

*The Cats dominated the All Pac Ten team, including a few Freshman.

abdullahrosebowl.jpgGraduation hit the cats really hard, they lost a bunch of players in the high 90s, including 99s Michael Turner and Rick Spicer. Justin Abdullah was considering leaving early for the draft, but calls from USC’s Mike Williams, Louis Farrakhan, and his grandmother all convinced him to stay and finish his dual major degree in religious studies and Pre-law, because “damned if I’m giving 10% to some honkey for nothing.”