upset2011.jpgTucson, AZ – The Nebraska Cornhuskers came into Tucson and pulled out a miraculous 20-17 upset, in a game that would have belonged to the Wildcats if Dane Wright had not thrown 4 picks and taken 4 more sacks.

“This wasn’t my fault,” said Wright after the game. “This was the fault of my offensive line. F*ck that, I’m calling all of them out, they lost us this game. Not me. And maybe if Justin could learn to come back to the ball or, oh, TRY once in a while, maybe I wouldn’t have thrown picks. This is some bullsh*t.”

No members of the offensive line would comment.

Josh Powell had eight tackles and an interception and looks to be on pace for an All American year. The rest of the defense looked good, but the defensive line appears to be a real weakness, and the ‘Cats are struggling to bring top quality defensive linemen to Tucson.

Josh Selmon had this to say through a prepared statement: “I have let my team down, and believe me, there was no bigger punishment than watching them lose to Nebraska today. I will be back next week against Alabama, and I will give everything I have. I just hope that the fans can forgive me, and that we can beat a very good ‘Bama team.”

Justin Abdullah set the NCAA Record for Receiving yards in the game. “It doesn’t mean a thing if we lose. This was going to be a great moment for me and Josh. And now, it’s this.”