NFL 2008 Draft Class
Arizona Picks

Willie Tuitama, QB – Drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 1st round, Leinhart is not happy.  After Leinhart got hurt in the middle of the season, Tuitama led the Cards to a superbowl loss.  Hometown will always beat USC.

Travis Bell, TE DRAFTED 5th round by the Carolina Panthers

Ronnie Palmer, MLB – A superstar at Arizona, goes undrafted.

NFL Draft 2009
Xavier Smith – HB – predicted as 1st/2nd Rounder * 2/33 – Detroit Lions – Xavier is not the happiest person in the world to be going to Detroit, but he’s gonna be the best back there since Barry.

Ryan Hall LG – Projected as top G * 1/26 San Francisco 49ers – The Niners need him.  He’s going to be a fixture there for fifteen years.

Daniel Borg RG – projected as #5 5/135 CLEVELAND – hopes to make the team.

Blake Kerley C – 7th Rounder UNDRAFTED – A great center, this is a travesty.

Donald Horton, JR – DT – projected 4th Rounder 2/61 – Cincinnati Bengals – Cincinatti was smart to grab him in the 2nd round, he’s a run stopping superstar, and will probably be a pro bowler.

Xavier Kelley – Projected 5th/6th 5/157 – Atlanta Falcons – Steal of the draft.

Devin Ross – #1 CB!* 1/18 – Miami Dolphins – a cover corner legend.  Guaranteed probowler.

Corey Hall – 6th/7th Rd Safety PHI – Hopes to make the team

NFL 2010 Draft

Justin Thomas – DB – 5/129 Atlanta Falcons – a late pick, a great player, but lucky to get drafted.

Stanley Scott – C – 2/41 Detroit Lions – they love the Cats! Stanley Scott is Oklahoma pride.

Rick Spicer – MLB – 4/114 – Oakland Raiders – Rick Spicer got a lot of media attention, hit hard, made a lot of highlight reels but is less than sound on the fundamentals.  He’s perfect in Oakland.

Derke Robinson – RB – 2/49 Seattle Seahawks – He’s fast, strong, and will probably be a solid back for years to come.

Antoine Simmons – DE – 3/78 Houston Texans – Houston continues to make bad draft decisions with Defensive Lineman.

Mike Ealy – WR – 2/58 Chicago Bears – Ealy was really overshadowed by Justin Abdullah at Arizona, but even Abdullah will be the first to admit that Ealy’s speed and hands kept coverages split.  This is an absolute DRAFT JACK.

Michael Turner – DB – 1/28 – DEN – An amazing DB out of Arizona’s solid stable of Corners and DBs.  They are Cornerback U.