State College, PA – #13 Arizona downed #15 Penn State in a crazy game where Josh Selmon and Justin Abdullah proved once again that when the game is on the line, they are unstoppable. Of course, they are made more unstoppable when PSU puts a Freshman Corner on Heisman favorite, and all time NCAA recieving leader, Abdullah.

The final two minutes were taped and will be uploaded later today: highlights include TERRIBLE PSU coaching, and a 2pt conversion returned the length of the field.

This Arizona team, though it has one loss, has played 3 TOP 25 teams in their first three games, and would be undefeated if Josh Selmon hadn’t had that run in with the forged Doctor’s note.

Interestingly enough, that doctor recieved so much hate mail, dog poop in bags, eggs on his house, and physical assaults on his dog and children that he had to move to Tempe, where he has been greeted as a hero. Please watch this space for the RPT coverage later in the day.