jamaalsuspended.jpgMarcel Nakfoor, call him automatic. He kicks ANOTHER last second field goal to win one for the Wildcats. Justin Abdullah sets Arizona’s single game record with 353 yards recieving, and Selmon looked like a superstar passing for 380 yards and rushed for 94.

Though the victory was sweet. The Athletic Director has decided to return to All-American after a disappointing run on Heisman. Basically, the frustration was not the loss (lost to Neb on Heisman, Washington on All-American) but a frustration of playing close games against bad opponents. One of the great things about College Football is destroying patsies, but close games in the big ones.

In a related note, Jamaal Collins will miss three games.  This was a player that actually began his Arizona career as a white guy, but was converted to black to match up his name.  Myles V. will probably raise the point that he had a grand total of no suspensions as a white guy (freshman year), and now finds himself in hot water.