Arizona’s All-American QB Josh Selmon, has announced his conversion to Judaism and the changing of his last name from Selmon to Zelman.

“I had been struggling with this all season,” says Selmon, sorry Zelman.  “I had been missing class, going to Temple, talking with a Rabbi.  I couldn’t tell anyone because I didn’t know how they would react.   But this is load off my mind, and hopefully will help me focus on the game against USC this week.”

The Chabbat Society (Arizona Jewish Students) has welcomed Selmon with open arms.  They held a BBQ to celebrate (pictured).

“We are so glad to have him here,” says David Stein.  “We are so lucky to have a great Jewish athlete here at UofA! Go ‘Cats!”

A little bit of research revealed that Josh’s grandfather changed his name from Zelman to Selmon in order to ease thejew.jpg immigration process to Texas.  Once there, he renounced his faith and converted to Christianity to help with business.

“I have Jewish blood in my veins,” says Selmon.  “It’s time to let it flow proudly.  I can finally say that I am a man.”

Justin Abdullah had no comment on the situation, and some are speculating that it could drive a wedge between the two.