mylesabdullah.jpgSeattle, WA – The Wildcats were looking good in their 34-7 victory. Justin Abdullah scored 3 TDs and set the NCAA record for receptions in a career. The team looked really strong in every area EXCEPT running back.

While Nick Spencer did a good job of breaking big plays, he fumbled three times, although one fumble went out of bounds.

On a more important note, famed Arizona booster Myles V. showed up at the game. Coffee in hand, he was pretty pumped to see Abdullah up close. There is a suspicion that he might show up in other games during the season.

Arizona moved up to #9 and will be hoping for some crazy upsets to sneak their way back up. But a 2 loss National Championship team? Maybe next year.abdulalhcoverpacten.jpg

The new sliders are looking pretty good, and the game feels pretty perfect. Hopefully we will see better CPU offense, and a little more defense. But right now, it’s pretty good.