oregonupsetcover.jpgTucson, AZ – The Oregon Ducks STEAL yet another victory over the Arizona Wildcats. While the ‘Cats have a long standing feud with Washington as a team that beats them legitimately, the ‘Cats detest the Ducks because they steal wins.

With Arizona leading 20-16 with 30 seconds left, and no timeouts, Oregon threw two cheap bombs to score a TD with no time left to beat the ‘Cats.

Though the victory was incredibly hard for Arizona faithful, some are thinking there might be another reason behind the loss: Josh Selmon got hurt in the 1st half.  Dane Wright came into play and actually had an outstanding game, passing for 175, 7/10, and rushing for 82 yards.  Including one crazy 60 yard run.    Although some are saying that Dane Wright is the reason for the loss.  The Wildcats simply do not rally around him and do not believe they can win with him.  Even when he plays well.

The Wildcats are now #23 and looking at a Holiday Bowl appearance.  This has definitely been a rebuilding year.

Also, these All-American sliders are pretty much perfect.  Strong defense by the CPU, good passing.  Will post later.