Off Season Plans
With the Holiday Bowl as a distant memory it’s time to start looking towards the recruiting class of 2012 for the Wildcats.

Areas hardest hit:
#1 Safety
The Wildcats are losing 50% of their safety core (Tyrone Horner 88, Lonnie Bennett 78, and star Strong Safety Darryl Steltz).  The ‘Cats have already recruited Fontaine and Johnson to fill those roles.  The team should be set in terms of the base defense with John Castorani 89, and Darius Brown 86, but Nickle and Dime packages might see some difficulties.

#2 Linebacker
Losing Larry Burton 94, Michael O’Donnell 94, and Vince Edwards 95, is going to be a crushing blow to this defense.  The team is so young at this position that it looks like the leaders will be Tim Hairston and Jason Childs, who have yet to really show leadership.  Some are saying that Patrick Rodriguez could find his way into the starting slot as a sophmore.  This area needs to be slightly bolstered, but last year’s strong crop should make this area a position of strength.

#3 Wide Receiver

Simply put, Justin Abdullah heading to the NFL.  The position is exceptionally weak; Greg Brock 91, is going to be the #1 guy.  Some alumni have been very outspoken about their disapproval of a white guy being the #1 WR.  Although technically, Brock was the #1 receiver last year and Abdullah played flanker.  Some are saying that Coach Stoops style will lead to Dwayne Jones having a breakout Sophmore year (he was fantastic as a freshman).  Maurice Hurst could have a breakout year, so could Andrew Banks, but no one is ready to bust out the way Abdullah did in his sophmore year.

#4 Cornerback
Losing Shawn Faeeteete will hurt the ‘Cats  greatly, and there are some who thing Josh Powell will bolt to the NFL early.  Leaving the Wildcats with a very very depleted core of CBs.  This is a PRIORITY in recruiting this year, and hopefully they will be able scour the Jucos.