Twin Threats
Like the Yin and Yang, the world often needs opposites. Sometimes they work against each other, but always defining each other by that which they lack. That is to say, can there be light if we don’t know dark? We can never know what true light is until we have experience pure darkness.

In 2012, two recruits at WR will set foot on college campuses, mirror images in size, and complete opposites in style. Chris Richard is the definition of responsible athlete; mature, kind, loyal, intelligent, and humble. While Jason Weaver is what many point to as being everything that’s wrong with sports: arrogant, selfish, egotistical, yet incredibly talented.

We sat down with both receivers at the Abdullah/Thompson WR Camp for High School seniors in Dallas, TX.

Riverdale Palm Trees: I want to thank you both for taking the time to sit down and talk with me.

Chris Richard: It’s my pleasure, it’s nice to meet you.

Jason Weaver: Is this gonna take long? I got things to do, moves to make.

RPT: Who would you list as your role models?

CR: My parents, first and foremost. Then my grandparents.

JW: Me.

RPT: How about football?

CR: Well, Joel Thompson, of course. Then I would say Jerry Rice, Ed McCaffrey, Marvin Harrison.

JW: Randy Moss, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and my main man Dwight Gooden…TAMPA! WHAT!?

RPT: Ok, can you put the gun back in your waistband?

JW: Sorry, Tampa in the house, you know? HA!

RPT: Very good, now, when did you know that you were destined to be a special player?

CR: I don’t know if I can call myself a special player at all. I don’t even think I was the best player on my team in Ohio, and frankly, I don’t care if I’m special, I just want to win.

JW: The day I was born, sucka. I came out the womb, doctor dropped his pen, and BADOW! I caught it. And he was all, “damn, that’s a baller, and look at those nuts, they like baseballs.”

RPT: Ok, so you both played basketball in high school, what was that like?

JW: Let me just say, first and foremost, fuck the NBA. That dumb rule, I was gonna jump straight to the pros, get my money right, get my grind right, and be rolling around in an escalade.

RPT: Aren’t you driving an Escalade right now?

JW: On 22s! That’s welfare style, I need 26s, AT LEAST…put that in writing…all y’all Arizona boosters, 26s please, and make em spin!

CR: Well, ah, I just loved playing basketball. I enjoy it, it’s a great team sport, and it was just a lot of fun.

RPT: So why not basketball scholarships?

CR: I hope I can make the Alabama team, and maybe be a 6th man.

JW: Write this down now. Jason Weaver, starting shooting guard on the Arizona Wildcats. And while you’re at it, write this down too: Jason Weaver will bang more white chicks than bumper cars in Utah.

RPT: You are both surpassing legends at your respective schools, how do you feel about that?

CR: Joel Thompson is a legend, I can only hope to try to join him in the list of great Alabama players. And for Brandon Luke to let me use his number meant a lot to me, we talk every week about technique, opponents, life, Jesus, all sorts of stuff.

JW: What!?!?! That motherfucker let you use his number?! I been wearing 87 since I was 12, and the motherfucking AD at Arizona said I had to change my number. Bullshit.

RPT: But how do you feel about replacing Justin Abdullah?

JW: Who?

RPT: The holder of every record in Arizona School history, and the all time NCAA leader in most receiving categories.

JW: I know who he is, I give him respect, but people gonna be asking who he is when I bust up all them records. TAMPA!

CR: I would like to say, that Justin Abdullah was a legend in Ohio when I was growing up. When he invited me to this camp, it meant the world to me.

JW: Fuck you uncle Tom. I’ve had enough of this act, why you being so nice? You afraid to be real? TO GET REAL? Go back to the country and pick me some cotton.

CR: Look, just calm down, there’s no need for this, besides there’s kids around.

JW: Fuck the kids! That’s right, fuck you (points at an 11 year old receiver), fuck you (points at the kids father), fuck you (points at an autistic tight end), fuck you (points at an underpriviledged kids grandmother), fuck you (points at RPT) and your mother.

At this point, Chris Richard attempts to restrain Jason Weaver who pushes him away and throws a vicious punch. Richard catches the punch mid air, and stares down Weaver until he walks away. In the distance, you can hear a table being flipped over and Weaver yelling into his cellphone.

CR: I’m terribly sorry to end this, but I really need to get back to the kids.

Jason Weaver’s High School

Bios on Both:

Wide Receiver

Chris Richard (5 STAR)
6’6 186
Fort McKinley, OH
(#1 WR)
Ohio Player of the year. Top WR in the Nation. Was noticed in 10th grade when an SEC mixed up Fort McKinley with Canton McKinle Can we say Brandon Luke clone. He’s from Ohio, he’s from a small town and he even has the same NBA shooting guard body type at 6’6 186. Was a two sport star as well but this guy’s first love was football and he idolized Luke all through high school. Luke, who graduated a year early for the NFL gave Richard permission to wear his #84. Chris is unlike most superstar WR as he grew up in the small town of Fort McKinley which is outside of Dayton. The town is 53.2% black and Chris loved small town living and refused to transfer to a bigger school in Dayton. Is really close to family and biggest problem will be homesickness. 4.34 speed and a 41’3 vert

Jason Weaver

Birthplace: Tampa, FL
Position: WR
National Position Rank as HS Senior: #2
Weight:199 lbs
40 Time: 4.22
Field Awareness:A+
Vertical Leap: 41.9″
Bench: 275
Squat: 385
Star Rating: 5 Star
Early Recruiting Buzz

Jason Weaver is Arizona’s 2nd 5 Star WR recruit. The first: Justin Abdullah. Weaver chose to came to Arizona because of their DEEP roster of Quarterbacks and coach Stoops commitment to the long ball. He was all State in Basketball and Football. Though he always insists that basketball is his first love, he plays football because everyone has said that’s where he’ll go pro. His favorite team is the Toronto Raptors, and it was during a recruiting visit from AD Lander that they talked Raptors and he decided to come to UofA. He also has aspirations of playing on the Wildcats basketball team, and will probably start in a few years.

Arizona Career

Did not make a wise decision in trying to choose #87 when he came to Arizona. The Athletic Director talked him out of it before it could reach the media. He choose #19 instead.