Tucson, AZ – The Arizona Wildcats eeked out a 33-24 victory over USC in spite of a number of factors working against them. Firstly, USC’s Junior Quarterback Mike Turner (Kennewick, WA) played like garbage. He could not make completions, he was making bad audibles, and only made fluke passes to his star TEs. Josh Zelman played like a pro in the 1st half, but then good old computer assistance kicked in. Within a matter of minutes, Zelman had thrown 3 picks and his rating has dropped -19 by the 3rd Quarter. That meant spelling him with Dane Wright, who went 2/2 and had 44 yards rushing. He was incredible, and this was not mop up duty, this was when the game was on the line.

The game also saw Arizona fumble SIX times, including FOUR by Joel Little, although that’s more computer than player. But the big play of the game was Brett Watts getting a safety on the USC RB. The rest of the defense played very strong against the #1 Offense in the nation (going into the game). As strange as it sounds, Arizona might be a defensive team this year.

brocktdsickusc.jpgOn offense, Jason Weaver proved that big players make big plays in big games. He had no catches, and 2 drops. He’s good, but he’s not quite ready yet. When approached after the game he said, “what? We won, it’s a team game.” Maybe he’s learning a little maturity. Greg Brock showed that he might be more than a decoy, and had 154 yards recieving and 2 TDs including one play where he stiff armed three USC defenders on his way to the endzone (see picture).

Arizona booster, and self proclaimed USC QB Lover, Myles V. was at the game. However, he was less than impressed with Mike Turner.