zelmanwash2012.jpgTucson, AZ – The Wildcats edged out a 34-28 victory over the Washington Huskies at home.  The Huskies ALWAYS play the Wildcats tough, and this game was no exception.

Josh Zelman continued his erratic play with three more interceptions, matched by four touchdowns.  Jason Weaver is also emerging as a deep, but not clutch, threat, as he pulled in 133 yards and one TD.

“I told y’all, get them record books open, they about to change,” said Weaver after the game.

“But what about the drops?” said a reporter.

“Man, only drops I’m concerned about is my Cadillac and my Benz, ya heard me?”

After which Weaver announced that he was working on a rap about the team with backup QB Dane Wright, called “Black Up, we da Back Up.”  It should be released soon.

Arizona’s defense continued to show it’s effectiveness, with three sacks, and three interceptions, including two by John Castorani, who is on his way to an All-American type year.

Arizona is now ranked #6 (Coaches) and #5 (Media) with only one ranked opponent, #25 ASU left on the schedule.