brockuclatd2012.jpgPasadena, CA – After chowing down on a delicious burger at Pie-N-Burger, the Arizona Wildcats continued their solid run by downing UCLA 45-20, and made the jump to #5 in the Media Poll.

The game was a reconfirmation of Josh Zelman as a superstar QB, he went 10/11 for 245 yards and 3 TDs.  He didn’t need to play a lot to dominate, an amazing 10/11 performance should put him back in the Heisman race.  But amazingly, Greg Brock’s 3 catch, 125 yard, 2 TD performance landed him Player of the Week, and a Heisman buzz in ESPN the Magazine.  Though many blame Arizona’s sports information office for failing to accurately get Zelman into the media.  Some fear anti-Semitism.

The Arizona Defense looked pretty strong, although they gave up 3 TDs on long bombs.  UCLA’s star WR, John Romero, a short black Italian, torched the ‘Cats, and might be the premier senior WR in the Pac Ten.   Speaking of which, Jason Weaver had 3 catches for 65 yards.brockheisman.jpg

Arizona special teams was a disaster.  Though Josh Powell almost broke two returns for TDs, it was the kick recovery team that let the coaching staff down.  UCLA was able to recover two straight onside kicks in the 4th quarter.

In other news, Dane Wright was steaming on the sidelines.   With Arizona up by 3 TDs, he wanted to play.   But Coach Stoops decided to let Joel Little reach 100 yards and left Selmon in.