stanford2012.jpgPalo Alto, CA – “Nerds, Nerds, Nerds” The Wildcat fans have now made it a tradition to travel up to Northern California to taunt Stanford students and make their lives hell during this weekend.  Some pranks included putting the Dean’s head in the toilet, leaving a flaming bag of dog poop on Google’s doorstep, and burning down Escodido Village

When asked to comment, Coach Stoops said “They’re nerds! They can sleep at the library.”

The game itself was actually much closer than the score indicates.  Stanford played the Wildcats tough, and could be a solid Pac Ten presence in the coming years.  The combination of a solid running back, strong corners and a decent pass rush seem to be all it takes to play the Wildcats tough.

John Lewis had 9 tackles, including 3 for loss, and is on his way to being a true legend.  Jason Weaver caught a 70 yard TD, and his ego is back in full swing.  He called a press conference after the game.  But he only answered questions by directing reporters to the website that has his newest rap single.  Downloads have increased ten fold.

Josh Zelman was solid, but many are thinking his Heisman chances are effectively over.

The Wildcats (7-0) have moved to to #3 in the BCS, and in the Media Poll.  The Coaches (Jealous) still have them at #4.  Miami and Oklahoma are still ranked above Arizona.