Brian Haynes
Burbank, CA
40: 4.35
Field AWR: B
Vert: 36.9″
Hands: A-
Bench: 340
Squat: 640
Potential: Poor
Discipline: Poor
#1 HB
Top 50 Red Zone

Brian went to Burbank High located right behind the Ikea at the Media Center. He has a very bad attitude, as he ran with a pretty rough Aremenian crew in Glendale. He loves the Aremnian chicks, and can’t even look at black women any more. He got in trouble for breaking into the Ikea to steal some wall hangings for the locker room. He is fascinated by sustainable design and hopes major in Family and Consumer Sciences, and eventually work as the first thugged out Green Architect. He has already arranged campaigns to reduce the carbon footprint of hip hop concerts, has spoken out about African American purchases of SUVs, and the need for bullets made out of soy with implanted seeds that turn into trees after the body is buried. He has said that he plays so aggressively because he views the opponents as automotive executives and housing development companies.


This is post number one hundred – a testament to creativity, insanity, and immaturity.

Also, Mike B. has officially joined us at the Wildcat Registry and has made the triumvirate complete….