Pullman, WA – The boosters were calling for a blowout to show the Wildcats were a top team, and the Wildcats delivered with a 75-0 drubbing of the Cougars.

If anyone were to point to a single reason why the Cougars lost, they had SIX turnovers including four fumbles recovered by Arizona.

The Wildcats Defense pitched the shutout and John Lewis continues to make a name for himself as the great white Psycho on the Wildcats.  He had 9 tackles including 2 for loss.  He is playing special teams and is absolutely dominant and aggressive.  He should be all Pac Ten.

Offensively, Josh Zelman had a great game with three passing TDs and two rushing.  He did not play in the second half, as Dane Wright came in for mop up duty.  Wright was ready to have a breakout game, but instead he got hurt with a strained shoulder, so Chad Smith got to step in and played amazingly well.

Jason Weaver also pulled in 180 recieving yards and a touchdown and is making his case for All-American Status.  He made on insane catch against the team and is definitely the highlight reel of the team.