Greg White
237 lbs
Celina, OH
#1 MLB
40: 4.52
Field AWR: A+
Vert: 34.5″
Hands: C+
Bench: 405
Squat: 670
Potential Avg
Discipline Good
4 Stars

Greg White was the only black kid at his high school.  His dad used to work for the Huffy Bicycle Corporation until they shut down their plant in Celina.  As a result, Greg has an insane hatred of bicycles and prefers cars (especially Hondas since they employee people in Celina).  His dad kind of went nuts after the plant closed down, and Greg has a lot of anger that he lets out on the football field.  He came to Arizona to be a part of the defensive movement, and to beat up bicyclists who train in Tucson in the winter.