The Wildcats offseason haul continues with more help coming on defense and in the backfield.

1. Lamont Meyers (BL)
Colonial Heights, TN
#1 FB
239 lbs
40: 4.60
Field AWR: C+
Vert: 32.7
Hands: B
Bench: 360
Squat: 570
Potential: Poor
Discipline: good
4 Stars – RedZone Top 50

Coming from a town of 7,000, that’s 98% white, Lamont did not have it easy. The town is made up of 70% married couples, and only 7.6% of household were single parent familes. The Meyers family was one of them. His dad left when he was 3, and returned when Lamont made the Junior High Football team and broke a coaches’s leg during a practice. Though he did not live with Lamont’s mother, that did not stop him from taking out loans against his son’s future earnings. A corrupt banker at The Citizen’s Bank in nearby Kingsport, TN loaned him $40,000 to start a restuarant/autoshop in Colonial Heights, it’s called Lamont Meyer Sr’s Rib’n’Rims. It has not been a success. Lamont, Jr. needs to either make the NFL or major in something that pays well. He’s feeling the pressure and takes it out on the football field.

2. Howard Coleman (BL)
Carson, CA
#2 SS
210 LBS
Field AWR: A-
Vert: 40.7″
Hands: A-
Bench: 340
Squat: 520
Pot: Avg
Dis: Avg
4 Stars – Redzone Top 50

Carson is a mixed up place with about 25% white, 25% black, and 35% latino. Howard had nothing but love for all races, and hatred for environmentalists. Carson is made up mostly of refineries and the petroleum industry, and where many see pollution – he sees opportunity. He wants to either work in mining engineering or go into politics and be an auto industry lobbyist. He is a staunch Republican and considers JC Watts to be his hero.

3. Clint Brown
Fontana, CA
#1 OLB
218 lbs
40: 4.52
Field AWR: A
Vert: 30.9″
Hands: C+
Bench: 285
Squat: 570
Pot: Poor
Avg: Poor
4 Stars
Fontana is 60% Hispanic, and 34% meth addict. Clint Brown was from Fontana, and he ain’t Mexican. That means he was a meth addict. His father was in the Hells Angels and his mother was a snuff film star (briefly), and when the boy would cry, his father would give him meth. By the time he was 13 he was manufacturing, selling, and marketing meth to local high schools. An over dose in Grade 11 (in spite of a 4.0 GPA, lots of activities, a clean room, and four novels – The Butcher of Rivendale, 3:30 Shootout, High.School.High, and The Girl with the Red Purse) caused him to reevaulate his life. He went into rehab and found that the only football could give him the same high as meth. He even tried selling the high, by giving kids the opportunity to wear his uniform with a helmet with a visor, and play in a game. But an Asian kid got knocked out in a game against a thugged out school and his business plan fell apart. He hopes to major in Psychology and become a youth councillor, or marketing and become the biggest cocaine dealer LA has ever seen.