heardblockskick.jpgTucson, AZ – After the media spending weeks calling him “Paper Dane” in reference to “Paper Crane,” Dane Wright answered his critics, saved the Wildcats, and sank the Sun Devils all in one glorious night.

The game started off as normal with Josh Zelman throwing a touchdown to Jason Weaver.   But as the game progressed Arizona State picked apart the Wildcat secondary, and rather than respond, Zelman through four picks before being benched at halftime.  It was a tough choice, but facing a 30-10 defecit Coach Stoops decided to start Dane Wright in the second half.  And was it ever the ‘wright’ one.

Dane tore up Arizona state passing for  three TDs, and essentially winning the game.  Squashing his beef with Greg  Brock the two lit up the Sun Devils en route to a 33-30 victory.  Deonne Heard blocked an extra point (pictured, it was sick!)2012espnnccover.jpg

There is now a QB controversy about who should start the next game: Wright or Zelman.  Stoops has stated that he would NOT bench Zelman for his last game at Arizona.

“He has every passing record in the school,” said Stoops.  “He had one bad game, and Dane had one great one, call it a preview of next year, a great preview.”

Dane was not so humble: “I saved the season,” said Wright after the game.  “you think I’m joking?  We’re in the national title, thanks to me.  You can’t take that away from me.  Y’all better back up, it’s the BLACK UP!”

This weekend features Colorado and Virginia Tech both playing in Championship Games.