daneunlv2013.jpgTucson, AZ – The Josh Zelman Era is officially over, so is the Joel Little, Greg Brock, and Roy Grant era. Some of the most beloved Wildcats have moved on and a lot of people have been asking questions about how the new team will operate.

Prior to the game Dane Wright announced the formation of “Thug Unit,” a group made up of Wright, Jason Weaver, Mark Jean, Jack Sanchez, Ben Weaver, and Nick Spencer. They say that they stand for “sick plays, sick rhymes, and all around thug life.”

Unfortunately they do not seem to stand for defense or special teams. Throughout the game, the Wildcats looked terrible on special teams, and the defense really struggled against UNLV who seemed to pass at will and elude the Arizona pass rush. UNLV QB Jeremy Sellers was 20/37 for 303 yards and 3 TDs. Kevin Bonds looked really solid, and even gave the finger to his father who was in the stands.

But who needs defense when you’ve got Dane Wright? Wright was named NCAA AND Pac Ten player of the week after going 16/20 for 461 wtih 5 TD, and rushing 4 times for 57 yards and 2 more TDs. In short, he is the team. He looked incredible, and this could be a breakout year.  He made on play that was straight up legendary (see video below).

Another player looking for a breakout year is Jason Weaver. After a freshman year and a crazy offseason, Jason Weaver put a gigantic bullseye on his chest. Heisman hype, rap singles, dating former Laguna Beach Cast members (Cami what!?), this game looked to set the tone. Weaver decided to humiliate the CB trying to cover him by making 8 catches for 267 yards and 4 TDs, all touchdowns in the first half. weaverunlv2013.jpg

“Did you watch the game?” said Weaver after the game. “And the answer to all your questions is Jason Weaver is the best reciever in college football, Dane Wright is the best quarterback, Mark Jean is the best OL, Ben Weaver is the Best Tight End, and Nick Spencer is the best running back. Thug Unit! Oh yeah, and Jack Sanchez is a bitch getting initiated, eat it Florida.”

But the other surpirse was freshman Mike McIntosh, who had 4 catches for 111 yards in his first game of college football. After the game he said the following “Pretty nice right?” after which he spit out some tobacco. “that was in there the whole game!”