BEFORE READING THIS ARTICLE – START THIS VIDEO IN A SEPARATE WINDOW- Boulder,CO – The #1 Wildcats are no more, thanks to one of the most controversial victories in NCAA history. But before we jump on the Buffaloes as a lucky team with a lucky break, it should be said that it was going to be a shame for either team to lose ths game.

Both teams came out strong with great defense and differing but successful offensive styles. Dane Wright started the first by completing passes to all of his recievers and rushing for yards when it was needed. He made some insane third down conversions with his legs. On the other side of the ball, Colorado’s Pierre Cole was absolutely incredible, he’s a Heisman candidate and showed us all why on Saturday. He was both graceful and punishing, breaking through the line and eluding defenders like a mix of Barry Sanders and Ironhead Hayward.

The Arizona defense also looked strong, especially when John Lewis broke the arm of the Buffaloes starting QB on a particularly vicious hit. He is out for the season, and Lewis is simply awesome.

But the first half ended 21-7 for Colorado thanks to some awful mistakes by Arizona Special Teams and Mr. Dane Wright. With the score tied 7-7, the Wildcats defense had made a key stop forcing a punt. Keron Davis settled under it, called for a fair catch and then dropped it. Colorado picked it up and had four downs on the 11 yard line. Coach Stoops was livid and tried to review the play but it was unreviewable. Ridiculous.

Just before the half ended, Dane Wright was scrambling and tried to make a throw across his body to Dwayne Jones but instead threw it right into the hands of a Colorado defender who ran it in for six. It was one of the worst throws I’ve ever seen.

But Stoops said something to the team at half time, they came out strong, ESPECIALLY the defense, who might be on their way to being the best in Arizona history. With so many underclassmen playing at linebacker and corner, they will be strong next year.

The Wildcats repeatedly looked to Wright to convert on fourth down, and he did with some dazzling runs and incredible throws. Eventually, the Wildcats clawed their way back to a 21-21 tie. The defense forced a punt and Dane Wright was handed the ball with 2:00 at the Arizona 14 yard line. What he did was nothing less than magic. He brought the Wildcats all the way down to the fourteen and they started to let the clock run. Stoops called a timeout with 4 seconds left, and Michael Rushing put what looked like the game winning fieldgoal through the uprights. Arizona was up 24-21 with 1 second left on the clock.

What happened next will live in Arizona history forever, and there are some saying that it was the Big 12 getting some payback for Oregon-Oklahoma in 2006. Colorado’s dazzling Pierre Cole was able to return the ball to the 50 yard line, and it looked like the game was over. Until a little yellow flag came out. FACEMASK on Freshman Howard Coleman. Colorado would get the ball at the 35 yard line with no time left. They sent out their field goal team who promptly booted a 55 yarder to put the game into overtime.

In overtime, Arizona got the ball first, Dane Wright decided to just go long to Jason Weaver who pulled down an insane touchdown. The ‘Cats were unable to stop Cole as he rushed for another TD.

In the second overtime, the defense held Colorado to a field goal. And all they needed was a touch down to win. On 2nd at 5 from the 11 yard line, Dane Wright dropped back, spotted Jason Weaver in the endzone and tried to toss up a jump ball for the 6’6″ Weaver, but somehow the Colorado defender stepped in front of the pass, intercepted it. Game over. Arizona loses.

The Wildcats dropped to #7 in the polls with the entire season left to play. With a few upsets here and there, the Wildcats might have a shot to get back into the title game. If they can run the table, there is no reason to believe that a 1-loss team cannot be in the title. Fingers are crossed, because this Wildcat team has heart. Dane Wright is a real leader, and with the #1 Bullseye off his back, I think we’re going to see him mature before our very eyes.

(More pictures to be posted later tonight)