So today was a workshop on SEC Football and ‘Bama style Defense and recruiting.

I learned a lot and made a lot of observations, here they are:

  • Alabama has a lot of high jumpers in 2013
  • They run the south for recruiting
  • Seth Sanchez is very talented, but not consistent
  • The same is true of Chris Richard
  • Alabama has a very good defense
  • Terrence Graves has the type of senior leadership that will bring Alabama an SEC title – he has heart, amazing legs, and just enough arm strength to get the job done. But it might not be enough for a national title. But you never know.
  • Marcus Minor will be a star, think Dane Wright but younger and with a better attitude, he’s like a robot.
  • Houston = Overrated
  • My only reason for wanting an XBox 360 – NCAA 2008, so it will look good on my LCD monitor, since it was made for that resolution.
  • Publish I cannot wait to get home and play the follow up game to Colorado.