svsw2013cup.jpgTucson, AZ – The Arizona Wildcats did not look like themselves against Alabama on Saturday. Primarly because Coach Stoops used Hawaii’s playbook in an effort to make Dane Wright a more focal part of the offense, after Wright called Arizona’s playbook “wack” after the Colorado loss.

The Wildcats pulled out the egg from the McHale Center, and celebrated, but the team knows that they need Alabama to win a close game (or lose) in order to keep the egg for another year.

But this year’s SVSW in Tucson was defined by defense and, of course, Jason Weaver, who only played 2 quarters due to a shoulder injury. Coming into the game, Arizona was petrified of Alabama’s Franklin Bradley, a 96 overall who TORCHED the Wildcats in the first quarter. He was by far the most dominant back that the Wildcats have ever faced, he was fast, strong, and coupled with ‘Bama’s huge offensive line it was trouble. But as the game went on, Arizona kept putting more and more players in the box, and Stoops let Rodriguez and Lewis loose and they shut him down.

Offensively, the playbook caused some strange formations and lineups. For example, Fullback Eric Washington lined up at halfback because of his superior recieiving abilities, and his strong blocking skills. Ben Weaver, TE, lined up at WR and had a huge game, pulling in 4 balls for 111 yards.

But it was Jason Weaver who keeps making statements with his play (and his mouth). After a monster first quarter, he injured his shoulder and missed the 2nd and 3rd Quarters, but still managed to make 5 catches for 181 yards and TD. After the game he did not have kind words for the Alabama secondary.

“Why on earth are you single covering me?” said Weaver after the game. “These dumb bastards need to two tutors to read Dr. Seuss, you think they’d send four to cover me.”svsw2013pain.jpg

In spite of the insult, Jason Weaver is the #1 Heisman contender, as a sophmore.

But the man of the hour was Dane Wright, who set a personal best with 445 yards passing. He was 19/34 with one TD and three interceptions, and was sacked five times. It is doubtful that he will get to run this offense again.

“Ok, I admit, I was wrong,” said Wright after the game. “The Arizona playbook is solid, although I still think we need to find something new, that better uses my skills.”

On the defensive side of the ball, John Lewis continued his amazing season, with seven tackles and three tackles for loss. John Castorani had an INT, and Bryson Horton set a new fumble return record by bringing a ball back 96 yards for a score to seal the game in the fourth quarter.

With the game in hand, the Polls are starting to look interesting

Wisconsin is #1 in Both Polls, and Colorado is #2, but both are splitting first place votes. The Wildcats are #5 in the Coaches Poll (#5!) and #8 in the media poll (some say Jason Weaver is personally responsible for calling USA Today a ‘retard paper’). This season is FAR from over.

Up next, #22 California.

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