kevinbondswsu2013.jpgTucson, AZ – The Washington State Cougars should be pencilled in each year as a chance for the Wildcats to drop 50.  Once again, WSU was terrible as Arizona cruised to 59-10 victory.

But no one expected to see a game like the one Dane Wright played on Saturday.  The Senior QB was 21/30 for 533 yards, 5 TDs and 2 ints.  The yardage was a school record, and made even more impressive considering he didn’t play the full fourth quarter.

“You’re suprised?” said Wright jokingly after the game. “But seriously, it was the playbook, this new custom scheme is perfect.  Empty  backfields, Flexbone, it’s perfect for me, and it might be good for Chad next year.  But this record goes to the O-line and the recievers, I mean, you know it’s a good day when I intentionally pass to the douche!”

The recievers had great games, including Heisman front runner Jason Weaver who had 7 catches for 274 yards and 2 TDs.

“Listen up, I almost cried out there today-twice!” said Weaver after the game.  “First, I almost cried about how bad Washington State is, and how it’s unfair that schools like Howard and Mount Union can’t be Division 1A.  Secondly, I did cry when I saw a fan holding up a “Black up, it’s the Back Up,” sign.  It was beautiful, I love the fans.”mcintoshtdwsu2013.jpg

Mike McIntosh was also solid, with 2 TDs and 111 yards recieving.

But offensively, the biggest surprise was to see Andrew Schlicher come in for mop up duty and look pretty incredible.  He was powerful, agile and making some sweet cuts.  Four carries for 27 yards, maybe he’ll be a factor next year.

And finally the aggressive Arizona defense continues to bring back to the Desert Swarm.  Kevin Bonds had a crazy interception, and Patrick Rodriguez had 4 tackles, 3 TFL, and 2 sacks.

In all, this team is looking like a national championship contender.  And with Colorado’s loss to #5 Texas A&M, Arizona looks to have a chance to make some noise as they are #6 in the Media and #4 in the Coaches poll.