daneusc2013.jpgLos Angeles, CA – In a game that featured nearly 1,000 yards of passing offense (876), The Arizona Wildcats might have just become a real team, with a real hero at Quarterback.

After going down 14-0 in the first two minutes, the Wildcats looked like a team that was going to fold. Dane Wright tried to throw to Jeremey Doucette on the first play and was promptly intercepted, and eventually turned into a TD.

But the Wildcats refused to give up. They kept the game within one TD for the entire first half, in spite of USC’s repeated 4th down conversions, 3rd down conversions and ridiculous penalties against the Wildcats that even commentators Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit were questioning.

USC looked unstopabble as Quarterback Raymond Monroe went 34/56 for 422 yards, 5 TDs and no picks. The USC offensive line gave him tons and tons of time behind the line which made it exceptionally easy for him to find open recievers.

“He’s pretty good,” said Maurice Hurst after the game. “Usually quarterbacks play pretty well when the refs call pass interference on 3rd down.”

On the other side of the ball, Dane Wright had another outstanding game, and was named Pac Ten offensive player of the week for fourth time this year. He was 23/34 for 454 yards, 4 TDs and 2 INTs (although one was a cheap tip). He also ran 13 times for 109 yards and a TD. But perhaps most impressive was his ability to lead this team, he did not give up in difficult situations, he took sacks, he threw the ball away when no one was open, and did not try to force the ball to Weaver at the goal line even though it meant the team would be kicking field goals instead of touch downs.

“We won,” said Wright after the game. “And the only reason we won was because of our defense. USC is a good team, a great team, and we’re lucky to have such a great secondary.”weaverusc2013.jpg

He also thrust himself into Heisman contention, coming in at #5 in the rankings.

But of course, #1 in the rankings, and in Facebook friends, and haters, and fans, is Jason Weaver. The brash young Wildcat reciever stepped up in a big game…again. He had 8 catches for 303 yards, and 3 TDs all of which were straight up burns on USC corners. Including one play where he was double covered, they interfered with him, and he still caught it, broke a tackle and scored a touchdown. As much as the mainstream media hates it, Jason Weaver is the real deal. He has that magic ability like Justin Abdullah where you can just throw it up in the air, and he’ll probably come down with it.

“You know what? Maybe I need to play Corner or something,” said Weaver after the game. “Playing Wide Reciever is just too easy. Apparently USC stands for the University of Sucky Cornerbacks.” He then struck a Heisman pose and yelled ‘Ghetto Heisman’! To which his teammates laughed.

But this game came right down the wire. And as USC was driving with only a minute left, the Arizona defense was reeling. Allowing 3rd and fourth down conversions. But as USC went for it on 4th and 13, they passed to the endzone and USC WR Perry Gibson had the ball in his hands…until Devin Hurst hit him hard enough to make him let go. It was the biggest play of the year and a defining moment for this Arizona defense.

Also, John Lewis is getting crazier each week, and more talented. He had 9 tackles, 1 for loss, and blocked not one, but TWO kicks (a FG and an XP), which matched Arizona’s total from 2009-2012.

uscfinalplay2013.jpg“Why are you talking to me?” said Lewis after the game. “They were kicking, I wanted to block it, and I did, end of story.”

Some are questioning the direction that Lewis is taking with his life, as he has started to bring taxidermied animals into the locker room. All are beasts that he has killed himself, and has been speaking to the Javelina that he killed recently after games.  He has named him “‘Lil Kirk Cameron,” and has been talking to him about upcoming games and formations.

“It’s a little odd,” said Patrick Rodriguez.  “But it’s his culture, and we must respect cultural traditions.  I would just like it if in the future his cultural artifacts, specifically, the dead cat he ran over, did not end up in my locker, that’s all.”

Arizona is #4 in the BCS Ranking behind Wisconsin, Texas A&M and Virginia Tech. #3 in the Coaches Poll, and #4 in the Media.

  • #6 Greatest Game of All Time
  • USC WR Todd Latimer, 10 rec, 147 yards 2 TDs
  • USC TE Tim King, 8 Rec, 108, 1 TD