Stephen Wynn
Mandeville, LA
National Pos Rank #1
210 lbs
40: 4.39
Field AWR: A-
Vert. 40.7
Hands: A-
Bench: 340
Squat: 520
Pot: AVG

Though he went to high school in Mandeville, Stephen Wynn was raised thugged out in New Orleans. Son of famed Cash Money rapper BG (though not proven), his mother was shot as soon as she gave birth to Stephen. He was then raised by a local drug dealer who had won Stephen in the craps game that was taking place during the delivery. Stephen grew up thugged out, he was selling drugs in the sixth grade, went to juvy a bunch of times, before his legal guardian found jesus and sent the child to Mandeville (across the lake from New Orleans) to live with his aunt. He struggled to adjust and just wouldn’t stop thugging, getting into fights, and dropping hot mixtapes. So his adopted aunt made him a deal, if he played football he could breed pitbulls. Stephen eventually raised 8 pitpulls, 4 for dog shows, 4 for fighting. The combination of football and minimal dog care turned him around. He gave up the thug life and has not been in any trouble for years, and even councils at risk youth in New Orleans. He scares them straight by having his dog bite them on the leg and then say ‘this is called a good day in jail.’ He plans on bringing the fighting ones to Arizona.

William Greer
#2 Ranked TE
248 lbs
Warrensburg, MO
40: 4.69
Field AWR: C+
Vert: 36.3″
Hands: A+!
Bench: 340
Squat: 470
Pot: Poor
Dis: AVG

Warrensburg is a pretty diverse place, only 86% white, but the town is defined by the Whiteman Air Force Base, and a Northrop-Grumman facility. The other big employer is Central Missouri University, and William Greer has roots in both. His mother is a former Air Force Pilot and current executive with Northrop-Grumman. She is 6’3” and weights 200 lbs, she makes $250,000 per year, which in Warrensburg is millionaire money. His father is an adjunct professor of math at the University. He is 5’2” 110 lbs, and makes $4000 per year. William has grown up with a strong respect for the military and women, and a healthy disdain for small people and math. Heavily recruited by Air Force, Army, and Navy, he decided that the presence of math on the campuses was too strong. So he went to Arizona where he plans to major in Engineering and Women’s Studies, and then join the army to be with his mom.