mylesweaver.jpgSeattle, WA – The Arizona Wildcats looked like the type of team that might win a national title on Saturday.  As usual, the offense was impressive and Dane Wright was nothing short of spectacular.  But it was the Wildcat Defense that really made the nation take notice of what this team might become.

Kevin Bonds, who many thought might never be a starter, has developed into a solid player, who might get All-American consideration in 2014.  He had ten (TEN!) tackles in the game, including 8 in the first half.  He did not play the 4th quarter.  He also had two forced fumble, including one play where he busted through TWO Husky linemen to get to their RB and hit him hard enough to knock the ball loose (pictured).  He played like a man possessed.

“I’ve been hanging out with John Lewis a lot,” said Bonds after the game.  “He’s all white, all nuts, I’m half white, and hopefully I can be half-nuts, and half the player he is.”kbondssick.jpg

When asked why he played so hard in Seattle he had the following to say: “I remember when I was kid, people said Alex Rodriguez was good, and he played in Seattle, I thought he was jerk.  Plus one time in Albequerque he didn’t sign an autograph for our AD.  So I’m pretty angry at the whole city because of that.  Also did you ever see the movie Singles? It sucked, I’m still mad it got my time and my $3 from Blockbuster.”

Clint Brown, the recovering Meth addict, got his first sack, and was less than humble about it.  He refused to answer questions after the game, he just danced and pointed to his #1 Jersey and then pointing at himself.

Offensively, it was exactly what you would expect against a Huskies defense ranked 100th in the nation.  Dane Wright was 12/19 (although Weaver dropped TWO passes) for 276 yards, and a pair of TDs.  He added 97 yards on the ground on 11 carries, and continues to make his case for the Heisman.  Although he dropped out of the top five this week, he is in the running for the Davey O’Brien, an award that has never been won by a Wildcat.

“So what?” said Wright after the game.  “I can’t think about awards, we’re #4 in the BCS right now, and we need to get up to #2, all I can do is keep winning games and hope Virginia Tech or Wisconsin loses soon.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to the hotel and study for a mid term.”

weaver4dbs.jpgJason Weaver, in spite of his two drops had four catches for 116 yards and two touchdowns.  Including one touchdown where he lept over FOUR Husky defenders, caught the ball with one hand, and landed in the endzone.  When asked about the two drops, Weaver had this to say:

“I would like to formally announce the creation of the Jason Weaver Foundation.  It is an organization dedicated to allowing underpriviledged defensive backs to think they are playing well.  It is run by my left and right hand who are president and ceo, respectively.  They made a big donation today, but in the end, a non profit can only do so much against Jason Weaver.  But these Washington guys are so ungrateful.  I offered them a plaque after the game, they said no.”

FB Eric Washington had 6 carries for 15 yards and 3 TDs, continuing his run of the highest touchdown to carry ration in school history.