Alphonso Alston
El Cajon, CA
#1 OLB
217 lbs
40: 4.46
Field AWR: B
Vert: 37.5″
Hands: C+
Bench: 370
Squat: 620
Potentilal: AVG
Discipline: Good
4 Stars
El Cajon is home to Taylor Guitars, producers of high quality acoustic guitars, and Alston’s father is a 30 year employee of the company and an accomplished singer songwriter in the El Cajon area and once played a gig in a coffee shop in San Diego, but had lukewarm espresso poured on him during the set because of the controversial nature of his songs. Most of them are about how Vietnam did not happen and is not even a real country. Some very upset former marines and vietnamese immigrants got pretty upset and doused the father with their coffees while he screamed “aaah, chinese liars! you’re all chinese liars!” He has not played a gig since. A very strange man, he named his son after Alfonso Ribiero, and his wife complied as they divorced shortly afterwards. She moved to Utah. Alfonso has a lot of rage, and some fairly decent guitar chops.

Kyle Jones
Landen, OH
National Rank #1
6’4, 298 lbs
40: 4.95 (He’s almost 300 lbs!)
Field AWR: A+
Vert: 29.7
Bench: 455 (holy crap)
Squat: 620
Pot: Poor
Dis: Avg
4 Stars
Kyle is an athlete, plain and simple. He was going to be a running back after he finished middle school, and attracted a lot of attention from recruiting magazines, but he just kept growing and growing (he is addicted to Skyline Chili – 7 ways) but he didn’t get slower. His parents, both lawyers in Cincinnatti, paid to send him to all the fanciest and most expensive sports camps. They even hired former Ohio State star Dan Wilkinson to move in and live with Kyle for his senior season telling him what to do (Kyle was instructed to do the opposite). After Wilkinson impregnated Jones’s girlfriend, Kyle decided he want out of Ohio, and quickly renegged on his soft verbal to Ohio State and agreed to come to Arizona. He played every sport in high school and even did a little bit of acting in school plays. He currently holds the Ohio record for shot put and the high school bench press record.

Joey Faaeteete (Shawn’s Cousin)
Osceola, Arkansas
#2 Ranked
6’0″ 210 lbs
40: 4.39
Field AWR: A-
Vertical: 40.7″
Hands: A-
Bench: 340
Squat: 520
Pot: AVG
4 Stars
The cousin of former Arizona standout Shawn Faaeteete, he grew up in Osceola after his father had a falling out with his brother in California. He moved back to the family farm in Osceola and started living off the land as a farmer. With an average annual income of $12,000, Osceola is poor, and people get jacked all the time (but not murdered) but Joey stayed clean and watched his cousin shine at Arizona and eventually the NFL. He focused on his studies and playing football. His parents were firm, but fair, and Joey is a very good kid. He’s not sure if he wants to play football for a living but he does want to study agriculture at Arizona and eventually raise the stature of his family farm. When he came to Tucson for his visit, the student picking him up at the airport got lost and drove through Tucson, Joey could not believe the opulence. Then he got to campus and almost fainted.