weaverrecord2013.jpgTucson, AZ – In the Wildcats last home game of the year, Justin Abdullah was in town to watch upstart Jason Weaver break his single season TD record with his 23rd touchdown of the season.

“I was hoping it was going to stand a little longer,” said Abdullah after the game. “But Jason is a real talent, and who are we kidding? Dane Wright is having a monster year. I only wish I could have had a year with him just to see what would have happened.”

Weaver still has two more games against Oregon State and Arizona State to go for the NCAA Record and really leave his mark on college football. Against Oregon weaver had 6 catches for 192 yards, and 3 TDs.

“The NCAA mark means nothing to me,” said Weaver. “It’s the Arizona record that really matters, Justin Abdullah is the best that ever played here, and to take his record is something that really means a lot to me.”

The shocking maturity of Weaver did not last long as a Hummer filled with Bikini clad members of Kappa Kappa Gamma showed up to take Weaver into the Tucson to celebrate his record with a party at Jefferson Star Ranch.Arizona 56-40 over

The game itself ended 56-40, and was a score that was much closer than the game. Arizona pulled back the defensive reigns in the second half and did not have any starters see significant time. Freshman Howard Coleman had his best game ever with a sack, an interception, and six tackles. But the story in the game was not defense, it was Dane Wright‘s continued assault on Pac Ten defenses. Granted, Oregon was ranked 99th in the nation, and had been terrible all year, but Dane still torched them in the 3 quarters that he played.

He was 26/30 for 412 yards, and 7 TDs, one shy of Josh Zelman‘s record. He also nabbed 67 yards on 12 carres wiht a TD. He is now #2 in the Heisman balloting behind his teammate Jason Weaver and the next two games will be key in determining who brings home the hardware this year. Although there is a buzz going around that Weaver’s lack of maturity, and Dane Wright’s seeming abundance this season will tip the scales in favor of the senior.

Though the game was incredible, two Ohio Recruits renegged on their soft verbals and signed with Ohio State. You can give them Tucson, Sunshine, girls, and prestige, but you can’t give them home and Ohio Stadium.