weaverwrrec2013.jpgCorvallis, OR – The Arizona Wildcats didn’t even look like they were trying (save for John Lewis) and they easily cruised past Oregon State. The Beavers lived up to their 90th ranking by playing poor defense, and even shoddier offense.

But the game will be remembered as the game where Dane Wright and Jason Weaver both set school and NCAA records.

On a pass in the 2nd Quarter, Jason Weaver broke Justin Abdullah‘s single season recieving record and in the process beat the NCAA record for recieving yards in a season. Weaver still has games against Arizona State and the bowl game to further his mark.

“This is terrible,” said Weaver after the game. “I love Justin, and I got nothing but respect for the man, but to break his record in weak ass Oregon. Terrible, there ain’t no cities here, hence, there ain’t no media, hence there ain’t enough hoes. I wish I could have broken it against Arizona State, there’s nuff hoes there. And all the media could have flown into Sky Harbor. I think people have to fly in on those Indiana Jones planes, with toothless guides. This place sucks almost as bad as the Beavers.” danepassrecord2013.jpg

Dane Wright broke Josh Zelman’s single season passing record with a pass to Nick Spencer in the 3rd Quarter and is now a contender for the Heisman, Maxwell and Best QB award.

“Breaking Josh’s record means a lot to me,” said Wright after the game. “But Josh has the career record, the touchdown record, and he’s got a national title. I mean I was redshirting, but this is my team, and I want us to get into that game.”

Arizona’s odds of getting in were increased significantly as Texas A&M lost to Texas 17-14, but Penn State and Virginia Tech remain undefeated. Penn State still has to play UL-Lafayette, and Virginia Tech has the ACC Championship Game, and undefeated Notre Dame is not happy about being #4 in the BCS, behind 1 loss Arizona.

Defensively, the Wildcats had an amazing Game and John Lewis made his case to be an all American, or a least all Pac Ten. He had 10 tackles, 2 TFL, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and a defensive touchdown.

lewistd2013.jpg“Defense is supposed to stop touchdowns, not score them,” said Lewis after the game. “I was pretty conflicted. But I knew I would have a good game, I hunt Beavers in the offseason, I was happy to hunt them in the regular season. Those jerks, with their stupid dams, and non delicious meats.”