I’m stepping outside the realm of NCAA 07 to address the real world of College Football. I am pretty pumped to see Ohio State in the National Championship Game as I have married into the Buckeye nation. But I want to say how much I hate Fox for putting together a college football broadcast team with their NFL guys. I always hated the idea of College guys talking about the NFL (I’m looking at you Trev Alberts), or NFL guys talking about college (these idiots). Yes, I know they all played college football, Terry was a legend at La Tech and Jimmy is a Miami hero. But I feel like they can’t possibly be as invested as guys like Herbstreit or Fowler. I think all broadcasters should have to pick one, but never both. Screw you Fox, screw you Tostitos, Go Bucks.  Other notes:

  • Playing the Title Game this late is so stupid.  They basically lose all moment of New Year’s Day, and let all the hype go to the NFL playoffs.  Yes, college football is better, but NFL football is America’s sport, and will ALWAYS get more media attention.  By taking this game away from the regular hype of bowl season, you just demean it.  I love the bowl system, but I don’t like this  baloney.  It seems like something a marketing major would come up with, the same guy who thinks customers love service charges.
  • I really don’t like naming bowls after companies.  I think it’s fine to be called the Nokia Sugar Bowl, or the FedEx Orange Bowl, or even the Capital One Citrus Bowl.  But calling it the Capital One Bowl outright, or the GalleryFurniture Bowl, is kind of lame.
  • International Bowl: Terrible Idea – but somehow awesome.  I hope it stays.