Robbie Mooney
Westerville, OH
252 lbs
#1 DE
40: 4.65 (WHAT?)
Field AWR: B
Vert: 35.1″
Bench: 380
Squat: 570
Pot: poor
Disc: Good

Robbie was one of three Ohio recruits that Arizona tried to woo to the desert sunshine. While two other players signed with Ohio State, Robbie decided he wanted something different. Growing up in Westerville, (92.9% white) he always felt a little out of place. Specifically because everyone expected him to be a thug, but his parents were both executives with Nationwide Insurance, and he played hockey most of his life. Anson Carter is his favorite player. He was also a local legend for being the biggest kid to ever win the 100 yard dash in Columbus. He runs a 4.6 40 and weights 253 lbs, to give you an idea, Jerry Rice ran a 4.6 forty, Randy Moss ran a 4.4. Robbie came to Arizona to get away from his ex-girlfriend in Ohio who broke his heart. She said that they were going to different colleges (She was going to Wellesley) and should part ways, but less than a week later he found out that she was going to Ohio State to be close to her new boyfriend: former Buckeye star and Westerville resident Andy Katzenmoyer.   Robbie was heartbroken, and hates everything about Ohio State, so he signed a letter of intent with the Buckeyes but when they looked at the signature it actually read “go fuck yourself” and he pulled out a letter from Arizona and signed it.   Robbie then wrote some dope poetry about ladies, and headed to the desert where he plans to study fine arts and take out all the aggression towards his girlfriend on opponents.