New York, NY – Jason Weaver is the 2013 Heisman winner as a sophmore. He nabbed 553 first place votes, shocking the nation who thought that the senior Dane Wright, might have been more deserving.

“Dane is the best player I’ve ever seen,” said Jason Weaver after the ceremony. “If I could have voted, I would have given to him. He’s amazing, I wouldn’t have this award without him and without our offensive line. That being said, all I want to say is: I’m #1.”

Dane then proceeded to install a projector where he gave his list of the top five Heisman Winners:

#1 Jason Weaver
#2 Justin Abdullah
#3 Gino Toretta
#4 Barry Sanders
#5 Desmond Howard

and his bottom five
#5 Danny Wuerfful
#4 Jason White
#3 Dough Flutie
#2 Eric Crouch
#1 Jay Berwanger