lewispicknd2013.jpgPasadena, CA – Considering the Heisman winning Wide Reciever, and the All-American Quarterback who rewrote the Arizona record book this season, one might have expected that Arizona’s offense would be the main story of the Rose Bowl.  But this day belonged to Arizona’s stalwart defense, and young superstars.

Dane Wright went 11/25 for 188 yard with 2 TDs and 3 INTs, it was not his best performance.  His superstar target Jason Weaver had 3 catches for 88 yards, no touchdowns, and two drops.

“We won,” said Weaver after the game.  “My best guess is that they case some secret leprechaun spell over me.  I should have got that flute from my uncle in Mobile.  It was a mistake.”

Dane was a little more serious: “I’ll go 1/100 for -3 yards if we win.  Today was a great game, and I cannot believe the talent we have on defense.  These guys are going to be stars.  I also want to give Charles Edwards props for his performance.”corsopick2013.jpg

Charles Edwards would have tore up the Wildcats, with over 100 yards rushing, and 269 yards passing with 2 TDs.  It looked like West Virginia all over again…if he hadn’t throw three picks.

His first game on the first series when Kevin Hurst nabbed the ball and brought it all the way back for a Wildcats score.  The other picks came from the aggressive style of Erick Murphy and John Lewis who pretty much had a ball thrown right into his chest (pictured).  Murphy had six tackles, one INT and a forced fumble.

Howard Coleman  had another outstanding game with seven tackles and three deflected passes.  With virtually all of these players coming back next year, Arizona’s team looks to be a defensive juggernaut, something the fans might not be prepared for.