cooktoweaversjsu2014.jpgTucson, AZ – Casey Cook’s first ever start for the Arizona Wildcats turned out just fine, but after the first half you could hear the crowd chanting “Chad! Chad! Chad!” and booing the Wildcats as they went into locker room with a 14-14 tie against the lowly San Jose State Spartans.

Casey threw two terrible interceptions and kept over and under throwing recievers. He looked terrible and some thought he wasn’t ready for college ball. But as the second half progressed, Casey found his beat and torched the Spartans. He ended the game going 15/23 for 344 yards with 3 TDs and two interceptions. He also did a great job of spreading the ball around, hitting Jason Weaver five times for 145 yards and a TD, but also the Douche 4 times for 62 yards.

“This is the year for me,” said Doucette after the game. “I think we might finally find a distributor for Douchewraps. This is the year of the douche!”

Jason Weaver was also pretty impressed with Casey Cook. “He’s not bad, I can’t say I approve of throwing to the Douche, but I’m not a coach. He’s gonna be pretty solid, as long as he keeps throwing to me.”

The new Arizona playbook really looked great as the new rush offense featuring Nick Spencer. He ended the game with 118 yardschlichertdsjsu2014.jpgs rushing on sixteen carries with a touchdown. Andrew Schlicher even scored a touchdown, and celebrated like jerk.

“Look,” said Schlicher after the game. “I might never score again, I have to enjoy it. If any of you guys can tell the photographers to send me prints of the touchdown picture, that would be great. I want to autograph them and hand it out to the girls in my Middle Eastern Studies class. They’ll eat it up.”

The Wildcats defense also looked strong, the pass rush was exceptionally aggressive and Patrick Rodriguez had a big time sack. But Howard Coleman, the sophmore All-American had a huge game with four tackles, and an INT returned for a touchdown. And Paul Martin, the Canadian linebacker, had 10 tackles to lead the team.

Dexter St-Jacques was on the sidelines and could not play, Jason Weaver pointed to him after every catch and said “ca va bien!?!?” after each catch. St-Jacques cried.