alabamaloss.jpgTuscaloosa, AL – the #17 Alabama Crimson Tide were just too much for the Arizona Wildcats.  And if you are looking for a single individual to blame for the loss: Casey Cook.  He threw four picks in three quarters until finally being replaced by Chad Smith in the fourth quarter.

After throwing picks on Arizona’s first two drives, the game was in the bag for the Tide.  Arizona’s defense did it’s best but because it spend so much time on the field, it just couldn’t handle the Tide’s offense.  Their QB Jonathan Thomas was 21/29 for 288 yards and four TDs, he also ran for 72 once again exposing Arizona’s horrible weakness against running quarterbacks.

Casey Cook on the other hand was 6/15 for 152 yards with 4 INTs.  Yes that’s right he completed 2 more passes to Wildcats than members of the Tide.

The frustration just kept on going as Bama went 9/13 on 3rd down, and did something a little questionable.  On 4th down, with :48 seconds left in the game, and the Wildcats with no time outs, they decided to bomb it out to the endzone for a touchdown.

“That was bullshit,” said Stoops after the game.  “A loss is a loss, but that was weak.”

Jason Weaver still had over 150 yards recieving and a touchdown (courtesy of Chad Smith) :

“I don’t think we really have a controversy,” said Weaver after the game.  “Casey cost us SVSW, and really, there isn’t a bigger game outside of Arizona for us.  Chad is the starter, he has to be.”

We will see as Arizona faces Texas and USC in the next few weeks, and starting a sophmore seems like a terrible idea.

The loss, a #1 team losing, did not make ESPN the magazine – East Coast Bias.