chadtx2014.jpgAustin, TX – The Arizona Wildcats took a new direction on Saturday Night, and it was a direction that brought them a win. After trying to create a new offense to really highlight the pocket passer Casey Cook, Coach Stoops just let Chad Smith run it how Chad Smith was going to run it.

And Chad ran it all the way to a Wildcats victory. He was 8/12 for 200 yards, 2 TDs, one very bad interception, and 10 carries for 61 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. To define the victory as a team victory is an understatement. No longer focused on stars like Dane Wright and Jason Weaver, this year’s team is defined by Chad’s legs, Mike McIntosh‘s 3rd down abilities, and Nick Spencer‘s ability to not fumble. In this game, he had 18 carries for 46 yards and one TD, nothing spectacular, but one of those runs was an incredible 12 yard run on 3rd down in the fourth quarter to salt away the game.

Jason Weaver caught two passes. Of course, they were both TDs, and they were big. Including one play where he busted up a tackle something fierce and made a Texas DB look like a big time jerk.

The defense also played well, and Will Higgins brought down 7 tackles, 1 TFL and an interception in the 4th quarter that stopped Texas on a key drive when they were down by 2 TDs. If they had scored, they would have only been down one and right back into the game.rodriguezhitontexas2014.jpg

After the game Chad Smith was the man of the hour: “Hey, I’m a lucky guy,” said Smith. “Casey is going to be a great player, he just needs a little more time. It took me four years to get here, and I still don’t feel ready. I’m so lucky to bring this team a victory in Texas. It’s amazing.”

Jason Weaver only had one reporter asking him questions: his roomate who is a reporter for He was not too happy.

Of all the Texas players on the team, Patrick Rodriguez was the most happy to be home, and he showed it by busting up the Texas QB with 2 sacks and one insane hit (pictured) on an option.

The Wildcats climbed to #6 in the Coaches Polls and with Pac Ten league play coming, they might just find their way back into the BCS.