Tucson, AZ – In an actual press conference, Coach Stoops addressed the media about the Wildcats starting quarterback.

“I don’t want to say too much,” said Stoops. “But as of right now, Chad Smith is the quarterback of this football team.”

When asked about possibly pulling the redshirt off of Elite 11 QB Bryan Robinson, Stoops was defensive.

“Casey had one bad game,” said Stoops. “He’s a sophmore, we put him in too early. He’s not finished, not by a long shot. I full expect him to be the starter next year, and maybe even later in the season. But as of right now, Chad Smith is the starter on this team.”

A few questions were asked about Casey Cook and the rumors of Meth abuse and depression.

“Casey is white trash,” said Stoops. “There’s no denying that, but he’s in college, he’s not drinking, he hasn’t gotten anyone pregnant, and he’s definitely not on crystal meth. He’s fighting his roots, and sometimes that takes time. Ask Josh [Zelman] about it.”

Casey Cook could not be reached for comment.